Rrummpff tillff toooo?

Rrummpff tillff toooo?

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Kurt Schwitters Pilgrimage

1. Merz H4US

2. Original Wooden Sign to Merz Barn

3. Entrance to Armitt Museum

4. Merz Barn Slate Sign in Elterwater

5. Schwitters Headstone in Graveyard

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*Anna Blume is a visual poetry about the lust of a man chasing a woman. The story takes on a surreal journey dictated by the mind of the poet. Lust and ingestion, disguised in love, drive the two characters to an end where love turns to be a very lonesome and strange place. The film is based on and inspired by the emblematic love poem from 1919 “An Anna Blume” by Kurt Schwitters
** director Vessela Dantcheva, 2009

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